Sandy Creek Marina

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations at Sandy Creek

For your safety and the safety of others, here is a guide to regulations for Sandy Creek Yacht Club Marina. When everyone abides by these guidelines, Lake Travis truly offers a boating sanctuary.

Safety Measures

  1. Outside workers must check in with the management and present a certificate of insurance before attempting to work on your boat for security and safety reasons. Please do not give your gate cards to contractors. We will verify information and grant access.
  2. Your Marina is a property regulated by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). It is the LCRA’s regulations that batteries, gas cans and open flame grills may not be stored on the docks. You will be asked to remove any unauthorized items. Items not removed promptly will be removed at the owner’s expense. Repeated violations of these rules could result in the termination of your lease.
  3. When leaving your slip, please keep your dock lines off the main walkway. Also, to avoid bodily injuries we ask that bow pulpits not extend out over the walkway.
  4. Walkways are hazardous when strewn with miscellaneous obstructions such as a lawn chair, tackle box, ice cooler, skis, dock lines, etc. Please help to keep our pathway clear.


  1. Design and construction standards are maintained by the Marina. We encourage you to make this Marina “Your Place in the Sun.” To assure everyone that these high standards are met, the Marina must do all dock improvements.
    1. Any dock improvements that are permanent in nature, such as docks, become the property of the Marina and may not be removed. 
  2. Docking lines will be provided by the Marina and will remain the property of the Marina.
  3. Keeping your vessel clean and in good operating condition will not only contribute to a pleasant marina environment but will also protect your investment due to fewer repairs and a higher resale value.


  1. Curious children find the marina a fascinating place. Please supervise your children so they do not experience any unpleasantries during your stay. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. LIFEJACKETS are LIFESAVERS. We highly recommend that savers be worn by your children on the docks at all times.
  2. Sure, we love you and your pet! Dogs are welcome on this property. For cohesive coexistence, we request the following:
    1. Leash your dog.
    2. Please check with the Marina Office for appropriate exercise areas.
    3. If accidents occur, and they always do, please scoop and bag and place in a trash receptacle. Do not wash into the lake.
  3. One dock box is the only item allowed on the walkways, provided that it is white fiberglass and Marina-approved. Size to be approved by Marina based on slip size. The construction of wooden dock boxes is not permitted, nor are metal boxes, chests, or cabinets.
  4. “NO WAKE” zones are designated within our marina for the protection of the boats harbored in the marina. This means that boats should be operated at or below five miles per hour around the breakwater and piers.
  5. You must accompany all guests on the docks.

By updating yourself with these regulations, you can guarantee a smooth boating experience for yourself and fellow water enthusiasts. For a more detailed breakdown of the rules, be sure to consult the official resources from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.